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Come home to Your body 





be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

Welcome to the world of Embodied Living,  where I share my passion of connecting to our bodies and learning how to listen to the unique language and wisdom that resides there. 

Explore how you want to Embody and what you want to Embody, through Massage, Movement, Breathwork, Ceremony, Nature, Play & Community. 

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Embodied Woman Retreats

Full weekend or Day Retreat options, to celebrate sisterhood, nourish the soul and come home to the body.


Kahuna Massage Practitioner Training!

Become an approved Kahuna Massage Practitioner with our 60 hr training 


Massage & Breathwork

Book a tailored Bodywork session or guided Breathwork journey

Your body is the gateway to all experience and reclaiming your body as a home ~ a place where you can feel vital, connected, empowered and at ease ~ is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The journey toward living a life of purpose, meaning and connection begins here, by opening communication with your entire body and exploring the depths of what makes you, you!  

I'm so stoked you've found your way here and I hope that I can support you on your journey.


Explore my current offerings and reach out if you have questions or want to connect. 

With Love, Ebony 

Follow  the Journey

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