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Come home to Your body 





be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

Welcome to the world of Embodied Living,

Where we connect through Breathwork, Massage & Movement.


Where we acknowledge and honour our bodies as the gateway to all experience.

Where we say YES to reclaiming our bodies as our homes and a place where we can feel vital, connected, empowered and at ease.

We all want to live purposeful, fullfilling and thriving lives and it seems to me that the journey into living the life we desire the most, begins with getting to know ourselves intimately.

To really understand ourselves, we must be in communication with our entire body, not just with our mind and this is what I offer. Ways to be in communication with your body and entire system and practical tools for how to take care of and nurture your body for longevity. 

I offer Movement, to build physical strength, calm the mind and create structural alignment in your body,

I offer Massage to release tissues, regulate your system and encourage healing ,

I offer Breathwork to bring you into full communication with your body and the subconscious and widen your lens of perspective on who you are and what you need to move forward,

I offer retreats to support you to connect with others through ceremony, nature and play and to remember what makes you thrive.

Lets remember our bodies as our greatest teacher, mentor and friend and learn how to speak and listen to the body's unique language, how to respond to and trust its wisdom. 

It's an ongoing journey and one I would love to support you on. 

With Love, Ebony 

Follow  the Journey