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Breath as Medicine

To book in for a 2023 Breathwork circle in Hobart or St.Helens, click below!

You can also experience Breathwork via a 1:1 session or in combination with other embodiment modalities, by coming along to an Embodied Woman Day Retreat. 


Hobart Breathwork Circles


St.Helens Breathwork Circles


1:1 Breathwork Sessions 


Breathwork Explianed...

Breathwork has been a life changing practice for me and it may be the same for you.


Breathwork is a form of somatic psycho-therapy, which just means that it's a body-based way, of getting to know ourselves better.


When we work with the body, we have an understanding that the the thinking mind can only take us so far. 

That we can't use logic to solve all of our issues, especially when it comes to complex emotions, feelings and life situations. 

Sometimes we just need more help than what the logical brain has to offer, we need to learn how to access our subconscious and the innate wisdom and intelligence, that lives in our entire body. 


Breathwork is that gateway, into deep cellular memory and full body understanding. 


Through the breath, we acknowledge that when we experience discomfort in our lives - such as depression, anxiety, struggle, anger, stuckness, fatigue, overwhelm, restlessness, grief, relationship difficulties, chaos and the ongoing list - that nothing is wrong and that something good is actually trying to happen. 


Something in the system is wanting to re-organise, be seen, felt and heard, to bring us back into balance, alignment and ease with our truest nature

We use breathwork to honour this fundamental truth and open up a space for exactly this to happen, for the underlying truths, behind our experience, to surface.

We journey into the subconscious and broaden our lens to gain insight and understanding into the motivations behind our actions and our life circumstances. 

We welcome all parts of ourselves and learn how to get curious about the different shades of who we are.

 The act of showing up for yourself and being in a space that welcomes ALL of you, to be seen and heard, is deeply healing.  


Breathwork is a powerful tool for dealing with difficult times in life, yet just as effective as a guide for navigating expansion, celebrating joy and tapping into full-bodied ecstasy.


It is a way to tune in and check in, with your internal compass, of where you're headed and what actions, in your life, will support you best. 


It is one of the most effective tools I have worked with for moving energy through the system, gaining helpful insights into what are the next steps in a given situation and increasing the capacity to be more fully human. 


As a guide of the breath, I listen to your body, help track your internal process and support whatever needs to emerge, be seen, or moved through, to do so. 

If you feel called to embark on a journey into your fullest self, please be in touch.

I offer 1:1 sessions or a regular breathwork circles. 

Book your spot in a Breathwork circle or a 1:1 session today

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