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Study KaHuna Massage 

6ohr practitioner training 

If you'd like to become a KaHuna massage therapist, you can apply to study with us!

We offer a 60hr KaHuna Massage Practitioner Training in Tasmania, to begin your journey as an Approved Practitioner.

our 2023 training is now fully booked! But you can get your name on the list to be the first notified for the next upcoming training in 2024. 

Course Details 


September 15th-17th

September 29th-1st (October)

Full attendance to both of these weekends is required in order to complete the training. 


This 60hr Practitioner Training has been designed to welcome you into the magical and sacred world of KaHuna bodywork, to begin your journey as an approved, KaHuna massage practitioner.

Held over two intensive weekends, this course is focused around 5 key modules;

1. History & philosophy

2. Health science in relation to KaHuna massage

3. Hands on KaHuna massage training

4. Student clinic and

5. Business basics


Through these 5 modules, students will learn the foundations that this beautiful practice is built upon, by diving into the origins and meaning of 'Kahuna' and KaHuna massage, exploring the 7 Huna Principles, the H'oponopono practice and Hakalau meditation and learning and understanding the Kahuna 'flying' practices and their significance.


We will also explore the balance needed between the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies for wellbeing, become familiar with '"Hā" ~ The Breath of life' and learn how breath affects our nervous system and wellbeing and its significance to the practice of KaHuna massage.


And of course the exciting business of learning the bodywork!

Students will learn, hands-on, how to give a full body KaHuna massage. This includes grounding, opening and beginning a session, learning the full body KaHuna massage flow in the prone and supine positions, as well as the sacred underbody techniques.

We'll also explore joint and bone massage and how to position and work with different bodies on the table.

On completion, students will feel confident to give a full body 60 or 90 minute KaHuna massage, as well as developing the skills of body reading, to use in client assessment.


To support students to actively become practitioners, we’ll cover the business basics of professional client assessment and record keeping, when to refer clients and who to, how to build and maintain a client base, employment opportunities, marketing, insurance and helpful resources to get students started on their journey as practitioners.


Whether you want to learn KaHuna massage to add to your toolbox as a therapist, would like to begin your journey as a practitioner, want to develop the skill of therapeutic touch to share with family and friends, or are simply ready to embark on a journey toward better health, vitality and healing,

I invite you to join this training.

Want to know more about what KaHuna Bodywork is? Click here for more info! 


"I am in such admiration for the Ka Huna Massage training Ebony offers. She is teaching so much more than a series of sequences, she is teaching from all she has learned from life. The world is deeply in need of those who guide and encourage us to uncover and use the gifts we have to be a contribution to our community. Ebony teaches from this place, and is genuinely generous in seeing you succeed, whether you join the training to grow professionally or personally."


"Doing my KaHuna training with Ebony was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and will always live close to my heart.

Having no massage experience prior to the training, I was supported and reassured and came out the other end as a confident KaHuna massage therapist. 

Throughout the training we shared a sacred container and connected deeply. At the end we became a family, our Ohana.

If you find yourself feeling called to experience this training with Ebony and you have the opportunity, I cant recommend enough that you dive into it with your whole heart."


"Ebony is an exceptional human - she has a captivating presence that makes you feel safe, seen, and valued. The joy, love and warmth she radiates is positively infectious! She is a beautiful embodiment of everything she teaches and shares."


Ebony has guided me into my body ~ into my innate wisdom, through body based practices, ~ over many years. So for me, doing the KaHuna practitioner training was a beautiful extension of what Ebony had already done for me, in guiding me back to myself.

As a teacher, I found Ebony ‘s space holding grounded & integral,  she was attuned to the space and her teaching is deeply rooted in her life experiences. A truly embodied teacher.



This training is an Approved Practitioner Training with IICT and on completion of the course, students are eligible to register and receive insurance, to practice as a KaHuna massage therapist.


This training is non-residential and is held at the Health Oasis in Kingston, Tasmania.


The total investment for the course is $1560.00 - inclusive of all teaching & training equipment.


To book a spot on this training, please fill in the registration form by applying below and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to make a deposit to secure your spot. Please be aware that your place on the training is not confirmed until a deposit or full payment is received! 


Immerse in the history & philosophy of this ANCIENT practice


Learn full body Kahuna massage  techniques - INCLUDING THE SACRED UNDERBODY WORK


Be fully supported to start your journey as AN APPROVED practitioner 

Course Facilitators

Ebony Prins ~ Lead facilitator:
Hello there, my name is Ebony and I will be your lead facilitator on this training. 
I am so excited to share the magic of Kahuna Massage with you all, as I deeply believe in the healing qualities of touch and that together, we can spread that healing out into the world. 
My passion is to see a world where people feel comfortable, alive and at home in their bodies and Kahuna massage is one important tool I use to embody that passion. 
I have been immersed in the world of wellness and body-based therapies since I was 19 and I work between two worlds, the seen and the unseen. 
On the physical level, I believe we need to have strong, capable, well-functioning bodies, to avoid dis-harmony and dis-ease. I also believe that understanding what is happening in the unseen layers of the body (the emotional, mental & energetic) is just as important, to help us live our lives authentically, heal from trauma and move forward with what gives us meaning. 
I have been a bodywork practitioner for around 14 years, working with Remedial massage, Kahuna Bodywork, Yoga, Movement and Breathwork, as well as teaching and facilitating retreats, workshops and trainings for the last decade. 
I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge and guiding others toward living an aligned and embodied life.  
I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Emmanuelle Decourty ~ Assistant facilitator:
It is a privilege to support your initiation into this modality.
I truly believe this training to be transformative,  both for you and those receiving your gift.
I am here to offer my calm and loving presence and a depth of experience gained from 15 years facilitating bodywork.
My professional development has incorporated Remedial, Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage, Hatha yoga, stretch therapy, facilitators training and lately Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy.
Ka Huna bodywork for me is the ultimate dance of hand, heart and soul in motion, a place where magic happens!
I look forward to meeting you there.

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