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Embodied WomanRetreats   

@ Bruny Island, TasMANIA

bookings for our 2023 Retreats are now open!

If you'd like to get in early, you can sign up via the booking links below for our Winter, Spring or Summer Retreats.  
If you can't commit to a whole weekend, you can also check out our Embodied Woman Day Retreats! 



November 17-19, 2023

Join us for our Spring retreat.

Welcome new life.


December 1-3, 2023 

Join us for our Summer retreat.

Spread your wings  


February 16-18, 2024

Join us for our Summer retreat.

Spread your wings  

For centuries upon centuries, Women all over the world have gathered and circled together, to share stories, insights, sacred work and the medicine of sisterhood.


 The Embodied Woman Retreats are a special offering, to honour this innate need, of coming together to be supported through the richness of sisterhood. 


With a focus on embodiment, the weekend is an opportunity for women wanting to connect to their bodies and experience more of their raw, wild and authentic selves.


Over a full weekend, you’ll be guided through intuitive and facilitated practices of;

~ Yoga & Yin Yoga

~ Rewild dance

~ Embodiment practices

~ Guided breathwork journeys 

~ Meditation 

    ~ Ceremony & Nature connection 

All the while being fully supported to explore your body’s awareness and learn how to curiously listen to what arises as we tap into the power, wisdom and understanding that resides beneath our own skin. 


These weekends are a truly magic experience of ceremony and celebration, where we lean in and tend to our needs. We laugh, share, move, release, dance, feast, rest and stomp the ground if we need to.


We nourish our souls and and come home to the body. 

Coming together, to retreat, celebrate, listen and play in sisterhood, is our birthright as women and if it’s been missing from your life, or is simply time for you to create that space for yourself, we call you to come fireside with us for the weekend.

The next retreats is our Winter retreat from August 25th-27th, 2023.

The Winter retreat honours the season that calls us to tune in, hibernate and take stock of what has passed.

​We nestle into the cocoon and listen for the visions of what to bring forth into the coming Spring and Summer.


The Practices   

The ability to fully feel and inhabit your body is a skill. Like all skills it takes practice and making the time to show up for yourself. 


Over the weekend you'll learn and engage in embodiment tools and practices that help to deepen the feeling of being in your own body.

The ability to feel fully,

To experience your inner world with more clarity,

To access your subconscious,

To return your body to its wild and natural state and 

Discover new pathways of movement, thinking and feeling. 

Through Yoga, Rewild and devotional dance, Breathwork journeys and sensory and embodiment practices, you will tap into your authentic and beautiful self. 

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The Space  

Our home for the weekend is the Bruny Island Lodge, set amongst 860 acres of pristine bushland in remote South Bruny, in Tasmania.

This stunning timber chalet sits on the hill above Oyster Cove, on Mickey’s Bay with the waterfront at our doorstep and walking tracks throughout the property. 

The Lodge offers a unique experience of combining spectacular native bushland and an immersion in the wild, with the luxury to retreat into comfort and snuggle up indoors at night. 

This location provides us with the perfect cocoon for exploring our deep inner worlds, whilst connecting to the untamed outer landscapes of the natural world. Enjoy evenings under the stars and wake up to the sounds of birds by the water. 

Sleeping options:

~ Double Bed in twin share room (only 2 available)

~ Single bed in twin share room (only 2 available)

~ Single bed in a shared bunk room 

~ If you'd prefer your own space in the evenings, the option to camp is also available, for the same price as the shared bunk room.