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Movement is Life

Nothing in nature is stagnant and energy is always wanting to move.  

Join me for a range of movement  offerings that keep you grounded, connected, strong, flexible and most importantly in tune with yourself and the ever-changing and fluid energy of life. 

I am a Yoga teacher, Acroyoga and partner acrobatics teacher, handstand coach and embodiment guide.

I basically love to move and have fun, in all of the ways! and at the heart of every practice, is a desire to empower and educate people about the magic of their own body and how to understand and connect to it. 

Watch this space as my movement offerings continually evolve, or check out my Facebook page for all current events!

Handstand Workshop 

Build confidence in your body and unlock new movement pathways during this 2.5 hour, in-depth workshop, into the addictive world of Handstands.
This workshop will focus on the art of Handstanding, while simultaneously building strength, mobility and balance to make a variety of handbalances and inversions more accessible and sustainable.

This session is open to all students who have an interest in building towards a solid handbalance practice, or are simply curious about broadening their movement vocabulary.

The Embodiment Series 

Step in with me, as we explore a bunch of different ways to get Embodied and feel fully alive.
Over this specialised 4 week series, we’ll take a look at how we can get out of our heads and back into our feet, hands, legs, hips, elbows, arms, bellies, throats, spines and all the rest of it!
We’ll learn how to be in our fully feeling and sensing bodies and let it bring us into the present moment.

Drawing from modalities in movement, breath, sound, contact, stillness, and authentic movement practice, this series is designed to let the body speak and connect with the playful essence of Joy, that is at the heart of fully living within your own skin.



I teach various forms of Yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin & Restorative. I'm available for private or small group sessions or you can join me on Retreat!


Acroyoga is the most playful and fun way to connect with your body and others, build srength and agility and basically just do heaps of awesomely fun stuff!

Book a private Acroyoga session or small group training with me here! 


Handstand Coaching 

Want to feel rock solid upside down? 

I've worked with trainers from all over the world to get the handstand low-down from lots of perspectives -  from yogis & mobility experts to professional acrobats, handbalancers and circus performers.

There are definitely some things that really help and some that don't ;).

Book a private session where we assess what will work for you and create a training plan to get you there! 


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