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 Massage sessions

I offer KaHuna, Remedial, Cupping, Relaxation & Pregnancy Massage in Beaumaris, on the east coast of Tasmania. I treat holistically and offer a combination of techniques to address whatever is going on, in your body and being.

I am also available for in-house massages on the east coast. If you'd like to book a massage at your holiday accommodation please contact me via email or phone. 

I've been working with bodies for over 15 years and deeply believe in the power of therapeutic touch. 

Massage has the ability to address and treat specific injuries and pain patterns in the body, whilst also improving immune function, regulating the nervous system, releasing stress and realigning wellness in the entire body. .

I offer health fund rebates on all services, for all providers, EXCEPT Medibank Private & HCF. 

Available Services

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