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"And your very Flesh shall be a great poem".


Walt Whitman 

I offer a specialised coaching service to clients one-on-one theoughout the year to work on  over 6 months. breathwork session, bodywork both remedial work and kahuna sessions) movement, nature immersion and  

embodiment coaching package - 2 x breathwork sessions

2 x bodywork sessiosn 

2 x 1:1 movement sessions tailored to your body and needs (yoga, acroyoga, handstands, explorative movement) 

60 min consult where we chat and assess what your current needs are in, where you need the most support, what you're working with. 

weekly check-ins. 

relaxation sessions 

nature immersion/adventure.

work togheth over 1, 3 or 6 months 

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