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Embodied Woman Day Retreats


Our day retreats are a 'mini-experience' of our longer, full weekend ~ Embodied Woman Retreats.

Join a day retreat for a taste of what we ~ Ebony & Abby ~ offer, or as a regular top up, to tend to your body, to explore what is alive in you right now and to bask in the richness of sisterhood......


 For countless generations, women all over the world have gathered together to tend to their belonging and grow in strength by sharing stories, insights, sacred work and the medicine of sisterhood.

The Embodied Woman Day Retreat is a special offering, to honour our innate need to gather together and be supported through the richness of sisterhood.

With a focus on embodiment, this day is an opportunity for women who want to connect to their bodies and experience more of their raw, wild and authentic selves.

Over our day together, you’ll be guided through intuitive and facilitated practices of;

~ Ceremony and Meditation
~ Breathwork Journey
~ Devotional ReWild Dance
~ Embodiment and Connection

All the while being fully supported to explore the technology of your whole body system and learn how to curiously listen to what arises as we tap into the power, wisdom and understanding that resides in the landscape of your nature.

These day gatherings are a truly magic experience of ceremony and celebration, where we lean in and tend to our needs, known and unknown.

Create the space for yourself to laugh, share, move, release and realise, rest and reset, express and howl to the sky if we need too. Nourish your nature, come home to yourself and your belonging.


** Cacao and herbal teas will be available.

** Booking is essential.

** This gathering is open to all individuals who identify as a woman.

** Please respect that this is a sober, drug and alcohol free experience.

WHERE: Kingston Beach Hall, Kingston Beach, Tas

WHEN: 10am-4pm on Sunday May 21st, 2023

COST: $150

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