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What is KaHuna Bodywork? 

In short, KaHuna is a unique style of Bodywork that weaves together elements of dance, ceremony, deep body listening and long, fluid & rhythmic massage strokes, to lull the body into an open and receptive state. We weave a cocoon space around the table, so that whatever needs to surface in someones body is safe and able to do so.

Continue reading below for more info! Or if you want to become a KaHuna Practitioner then check out our 60 Hr Practitioner Training. 


One of the main reasons why I love KaHuna Bodywork is that is allows a space for the story of someone's body to unfold, be seen, heard & held.

The information held in our bodies is profound and our system is highly intelligent, wise & sophisticated. KaHuna works with this innate intelligence, by listening and responding to the needs of the body. We listen to what a body is saying and we work with that information to guide the body back into equilibrium, or into it's next evolution. 

KaHuna Bodywork has its roots in Hawaiian & Polynesian cultures and was traditionally used during rites of passage in someone life, - i.e the transition from maiden to mother, from adolescence to adulthood or any major change or life/death transition. In this way the persons body is 'worked' to metabolise, move through or bring to the surface whatever is needed in order to welcome and integrate this next chapter of life. 

KaHuna bodywork is so much more than just a massage. We work with all aspects of a person from the physical, to the emotional, mental & spiritual and are guided by the power & essence of Aloha & our Ancestors or Aumakua. 

In terms of the actual style of bodywork used, KaHuna works with long, flowing and rhythmic strokes, using primarily the forearms and occasionally the elbow. This rhythmic style helps to lull the body into a state of openness and receptivity and also allows the body to be worked as one whole connected organism. For instance, we might flow from the foot, all the way to the shoulder, in one long, loving stroke, which allows the receiver to feel the body as one, connected piece. It helps to expand the sensory self, or 'body-map' of the receiver and allows them to experience their body as a whole organism, instead of a culmination of separate parts. 

This is also how we create 'the dance' of KaHuna, whereby the practitioner is moving fluidly around the table and weaving a sacred cocoon space, so that the receiver can fully let go, arrive and be whatever they need to be on the table.


We pair this with elements of ceremony, music, sound and the sacred underbody techniques that allow someone to feel deeply supported and held on the table. 

It's the combination of these element that make KaHuna such a unique and beautifully nourishing style of bodywork ~ both to give & receive.

The 7 Huna Principles 

Every time a therapist steps into a KaHuna Bodywork session they are carrying within them the 7 Huna Principles. To briefly sum up these principles:

  • IKE– The world is what you think it is

  • KALA– There are no limits, everything is possible

  • MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes

  • MANAWA – Now is the moment of power

  • ALOHA – To love is to be happy

  • MANA – Power comes from within

  • PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

If you'd like to learn more about the art of KaHuna Bodywork, including the foundations of Hawaiian spirituality, the Huna dances and philosophies embedded in this practice then take a look at our 60 hour KaHuna Massage Practitioner Training. 

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