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Embodied Woman Reteat 

Embodied Woman Retreats 



"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable" 

- Mary Oliver 


Retreats are where we arrive when we need to sit in consultation with the heart.

Where we turn for support, for celebration, for reflection.

We all need to enter the cocoon from time to time, whether it be for growth, rest or to revel in all that is well. 


The Embodied Woman Retreats are a special offering facilitated by myself and rewilding guide Abby Gilbert, for women wanting to experience more of their raw, wild and authentic selves.


Together, we bring you a full weekend, immersed in the abundance of sisterhood, nature, good food and earthly delights. 


Each day you’ll be guided through intuitive and facilitated movement practices of Yoga/Yin yoga, rewild dance and embodiment practices. We also dive into deeper layers of the self through guided breathwork journeys, meditation and nature connection.   

The weekend is an invitation to dive wider into your body’s awareness and the full power and understanding that resides there. All the while, learning how to curiously listen to what arises.


These weekends are a truly magic experience of ceremony and celebration.

Where we nourish our souls and and come home to the body.


We have just wrapped up our Winter retreat and our next retreat dates are yet to be announced, but if you'd like to be one of the first to know when they're released, click below to stay updated! 



JUNE 18TH-20TH, 2021 @ roaring beach, tasmania 


The Space

Our sanctuary for the Embodied Woman Retreat is the magical and sacred Windgrove property, overlooking Roaring beach, on Tasmania’s pristine southern peninsula.


Windgrove provides us with the perfect playing ground for exploring our connection to ourselves and interpreting the wild language of our interconnectedness to the natural world.


You will be moved by the raw and wild forms of the Windgrove landscape.


In the evenings we nourish our bodies in the herbal sauna, bathe in the outdoor tub, feast around the fire and come together in ceremony.


If you’re craving some wild ocean air in your lungs, thoughtful conversation, drinking in the night stars, connecting to tribe, stomping your feet on the earth, being in your body and diving into the journey of who you are, then perhaps this adventure is for you.

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