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Please note that I am currently on maternity leave! I will be open again for massage bookings in 2023. 
If you'd like to stay updated, pop your email in below and I'll notify you when bookings reopen!

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I offer Kahuna, Remedial, Relaxation, Prgnancy and Lymphatic massage in Beaumaris, on the east coast of Tasmania. 

I am also available for in-house massages on the east coast. If you'd like to book a massage at your holiday accommodation please contact me via email or phone. 


I offer health fund rebates on all services.

I've been working with bodies for over a decade and deeply believe in the power of therapeutic touch. 

Massage has the ability to address and treat specific injuries and pain patterns in the body, whilst also improving immune function, regulating the nervous system, releasing stress and realigning wellness in the entire body.

I am trained as a Kahuna  bodyworker, as well as in remedial massage, cupping, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and sports massage.

I treat holistically and offer a combination of techniques to address whatever is going on, in your body and being. 

Kahuna Massage


Kahuna massage is a unique form of bodywork, that invites healing on all levels.

A full body massage that addresses any physical dysfunction, bringing deep release to tissues and organs, whilst also aligning our emotional and energetic bodies. 

Kahuna massage speaks to the story that your body holds and the experiences it has lived through.  

Each session is a form of ceremony, of coming into communion with your body and breath and entering a cocoon space, for you to unfold and be whatever you need to be on the table.

Together, we work to awaken the body’s cellular memory of itself and its ability to repair, communicate and align towards health. This creates shifts of energy and a re-connection to wholeness and our own inner spirit.

Kahuna Bodywork is great for anyone feeling physically, emotionally or mentally exhausted or overwhelmed and is in need of a thorough bodywork treatment. It’s also the perfect treatment during times of change or transition in your life, or if you’re feeling stuck or looking for a new direction, as it supports you through these changes and allows for more graceful transitions. 

Come and experience the magic of kahuna for yourself.

Remedial Massage 

During a remedial session I use a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue work, stretching, mobilisation and relaxation to tailor a massage to suit your unique body and needs. Lymphatic drainage and cupping can also be included in the session. This style of massage treats specific areas of tension, pain and injury and/or general body aches and stiffness.

30, 90 or 120 minute sessions available. 

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